The 11th golden finger award ceremony is coming! Chengguang technology won four awards

Issuing time:2021-12-30 11:08

2021 is drawing to a close. In this year, we have faced many challenges and gained many surprises. We have also made some achievements in the field of lighting industry - zhongchengguang technology won four major awards in a row in the 11th "golden finger Award". The award ceremony was grandly held at Dunhill international hotel in Shenzhen. Industry leaders gathered here to witness the glorious ceremony.

The event consists of five major contents, namely "making light more valuable" - 2021 China lighting industry ecological development summit forum, "creating vision for the future" - creating 2022 designer forum, "coping with the great changes and reshaping the new pattern" - 2021 engineering company cross-border and development closed door summit, the 11th golden finger award ceremony and 2021 golden finger award year-end exchange dinner.

Chengguang technology attended the award ceremony

Chengguang technology, as the sponsor of this time, was invited to attend the 11th "golden finger" award ceremony.

And set up a booth in the event, so that new and old customers can come to our booth for consultation and guidance, and better understand our products and corporate culture.

City light technology booth

☆ Award ceremony site ☆

Previously, the golden finger official media had already announced the list of winners; "Product innovation city of the year" and "product innovation city of the year" and "outstanding brand award" respectively. Special guests from golden finger official media will present awards to award-winning units and individuals.

Annual influential brand award

Engineering Design Award - Platinum Award

Innovative product award

Ms. Liu Yajing, deputy general manager of our company, won the honor of "outstanding sales manager" again.

Outstanding sales manager Award

(6 on the left is Ms. Liu Yajing, deputy general manager of Chengguang Technology)

At the same time, the golden finger official media also issued the plaque of annual strategic partner for our company. It indicates the win-win cooperation between the two sides. On the road of the lighting industry, we will be each other's "bright lights", go hand in hand and jointly explore a new era of the lighting industry.

Strategic partner of the year

Sponsor - Chengguang Technology

Chengguang technology sponsorship - seat back cover

Chengguang technology sponsorship - exhibition box

Third prize

Thank you very much to the organizers of this event for giving designers in the lighting industry a platform to show their self-worth. Also let more people know about Chengguang technology.

Group photo nostalgia

In the new year, Chengguang technology will continue to focus on products and produce products with better quality and better effect to give back the support of new and old customers for our products. It will also continue to enhance the existence value of the enterprise and give back to the society in more ways while doing a good job in the lighting industry. The future of the enterprise is our tomorrow.

Company profile

Chengguang technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales. The factory and office address are located in Shenzhen, a beautiful coastal first tier city

The company mainly produces: LED flexible line lamp, outdoor waterproof flexible line lamp, aluminum slot lamp, flexible wall washing lamp, laser, beam, pattern water pattern, water show integration, projection integration, etc. Including monochrome dimming, DMX512, SPI, etc.

Market positioning: medium and high end

Main market groups: engineering companies, design institutes / design units, OEMs, etc.

Tel: 0755-8527 3451

Company website:

Company address: 2 / F, building 6, Huafeng Zhenbao led industrial park, North Ring Road, Shiyan street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen.