Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition - Chengguang technology meets light with you.

Issuing time:2021-08-09 08:54

August is a special month. Lighting designers may have imagined the opening scene of the exhibition for countless times. In the case of uncertain epidemic situation, it is not easy for Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition to be held as scheduled.


As one of the exhibitors of this exhibition, our company attaches great importance to this event. After the exhibition time is determined, we began to prepare, and set out for the exhibition in Guangzhou 2 days in advance. After the company has prepared all the goods, all the required products will be loaded and transported to Guangzhou.


At first, when arranging the exhibition, you will find that everything previously expected seems not so simple. When the drawings on the drawings are restored to reality, there will be some differences. In order to achieve satisfactory results, our company has communicated with the construction party for many times and worked together to build better works. Even in hot summer, it can't stop the enthusiasm of our staff.

When all the dust settled, we welcomed the opening ceremony of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (August 3) with great joy. 2036 exhibitors from 9 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, covering 16 pavilions and an area of 185000 square meters.


After the exhibition, a large number of exhibitors came to the exhibition one after another. Chengguang booth also attracted many exhibitors. They were very interested in our products and asked our staff questions from time to time. Our staff answered the exhibitors' questions with exquisite professional ability, so that the exhibitors could better understand the characteristics of our products and are very interested in our products, And conducted in-depth conversation and discussion.

The design of Wanjia lighting adopts Mini flexible light belt to outline and flood the building outline and window. Many people who walked into the Chengguang booth were attracted by the "lights of thousands of families". They stopped to see the lights flashing between the buildings, just like people, emitting light in a corner of the city. When you see it, you will think of yourself!


"Entanglement and yearning of light" adopts 320 ° luminous full-color flexible lamp belt for combined winding. The overall dynamic lighting effect explains the mental process of lighting designers in lighting design - from confusion and entanglement to enlightenment, and then fascinated, constantly deepen and feel the unique charm of lighting design, and walk more firmly on the road of lighting design. At the same time, we also thank Guangzhou rehou Lighting Design Co., Ltd. for its good creativity, so that our products can be better presented to the audience in the form of works of art. Therefore, good products are important, but also need good design and devices.


Seeing the exhibits of "entanglement and yearning for light" will remind people of what Chengguang technology has been doing - I hope it can bring some thoughts to exhibitors while making good products. This is another harvest besides the exhibition.


At the same time, it is not difficult for our old audience friends to find that this element has been retained in the front of all exhibitions of our company. The landmark buildings in different cities are used as the background outline, and the running lamp belt of Chengguang products is used for edge running. It implies the vitality and enthusiasm of each city. The lights of all cities are lit, that is, the light of the city - "Chengguang technology!"


Due to the epidemic situation, our company has also opened the way of online live broadcasting, so that friends who did not come to the scene can understand Chengguang's products through live broadcasting. At the same time, Liu Yajing of our company was interviewed by "China Lighting Network", "Aladdin" and "fengdy media", shared Chengguang and some stories about her and the lamp belt with online fans, and expressed her love for the lighting industry.

微信图片_20210807172833_meitu_1.jpg微信图片_20210807172849.jpgGradually, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is coming to an end, and Chengguang technology's journey in this exhibition has come to an end. Thank the exhibitors for their affirmation and love for our exhibits. It is believed that Chengguang technology will continue to meet difficulties and create brilliance in the future.